Who is tamatam?

Terina and Matej and Travel and Marketing. These are the connections we enjoy and we hope you will too. Read about who we are and what we are up to.


She is the brain. Determined, prompt, systematic.
Her keywords are advertising and culture.

When she was 17 she started working in Igor Brossmann’s agency where she learned how to make a french press, felt in love with the colour yellow, but most importantly tried the role of junior account manager for clients such as Carpathia, Bánovecká mliekareň, Emilove sady or Marius Pedersen. Speaking of agencies she also worked for Heads in lovely Cvernovka. She was responsible for social media, copywriting and ideamaking especially for mineral waters and alcohol (Budiš, Nicolauska, Demänovka, Jubilejná, Zlatá Studňa).

She was producing exhibitions, wrote grants and press releases, prepared posts, invented and improved. Sometimes she was the boss, other times she was part of the team. She was lucky to be part of projects such as Hlava 5, Ján H. Blicha, Slovak Fashion Council, TEDx, Gympelrock and many others.

In 2018, she founded and since then is leading festival Priestor which goal is to revive the forgotten spots of the city Trenčín. Together there were seven editions of the festival.

Before the corona, she spent few months at the Bubble production house, where she worked as event manager producing nice little birthday parties in Reduta, but also at huge ones in Incheba.

During the corona, she became part of the Trenčín 2026 team. After almost two years of preparation, the city received the title of European Capital of Culture. She did international relations, where she and her colleagues managed to create a network of more than 500 partners and artists who will co-create a modern European city in the coming years.

She loves Canary Islands, Matej and Kvído.


He is the heart. Thougful, calm, sociable.
His keywords are design, photo and style.

Even at the gymnasium, he preferred to draw in his notebook rather than write notes. He studied product and interior design at STU. Here he learned that ,,more is more“.

He was intern at Ecocapsule, worked for Parťáci, Red Basket and also for Made by Vaculik, where he cooperated with Tatra Banka, Heineken or Zlatý Bažant.

He did communication and web for a dentists, full branding for a pediatrician, visual identity for a festival or coffee seller, graphic and interior design for a restaurant. Among the latest works is the complete visual identity of the Cultural and creative center Hviezda in Trenčín.

He likes to decorate his shelves at home by awards such as Chedar (product design), Design.s či RIM design lab.

He can click with a mouse and/or a camera, but above all he can think strategically. He can perceive brands in the context of the market and create a modern look and communication for them.

He takes pictures of the Himalayas, his nieces, his dog, but also lawyers and companies. He has already earned a lot of likes on photos from events or for the gastro segment. He prefers flying a drone to a plane.

He loves running and cycling. And Terina and Kvdío.

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